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PE Teacher Cover Letter

Writing a PE teacher cover letter or physical teacher cover letter will help you in showing you credentials to the employers. Most of the times we simply send a resume to the employers or recruiters while applying for a job. Wring a short cover letter and sending it along with the resume will surely help you get early response from the employers.

We write a single resume and send it to all the employers, but this is not the case with the cover letters. We need to write them separately for each employer depending upon the requirements of the employer. Therefore, you cannot prepare a single cover letter and copy paste it for any job you are applying. As these are formal letters, you cannot use ornamental language to write them but use a professional crisp language. Even if you have included all the details in the resume, it is necessary that you highlight certain credentials of yours that are important from the point of view of the employer. If this is appealing for the employer then he will be interested in talking to you and call you for an interview.

Job Description for a Physical Education (PE) Teacher:

Teaching is an art that every teacher should posses. A physical education teacher should be able to teach his/her students various physical exercises, aerobics, recreational activities, etc and their importance id day-to-day life. Taking up courses that are focused on health and fitness will help in getting employment as a physical education teacher. A bachelor's degree in physical education can be done to make a career as a PE teacher in schools and colleges. A physical education teacher should also possess good interpersonal skills. To get employed in public schools, physical education teachers need to get state license.

The cover letter sample for PE teacher given here will help you stand out from the rest. You can refer it and write your own cover letter.

Sample PE Teacher Cover Letter

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Dear (Employer's name),

With your consent, I would like to use this opportunity to discuss my candidacy for the position of physical education teacher in your school, XXXXX (name of the school). I came across this advertisement in the Wall ST newspaper on MM/DD/YY (Date). My excellent teaching skills and experience will surely be helpful for your students.

Working as junior physical teacher in XXXXX School, I have acquired the ability to tackle and encourage the students in understanding the importance of physical education. I can also incorporate various health teaching methods and recreational sports apart from the regular physical exercise and aerobics. Enthusiastic in leading sports camps and coaching sports teams.

My willingness, enthusiasm, and dedication towards teaching will surely be helpful for the students in practicing good exercises that are required for their proper physical and mental growth. Hope you will value my credentials and contact me on the above mentioned contact details.

Feel free to reach me if you need any more details. I have also attached my resume with this mail for your reference. Looking forward to hear from you!


  • Resume with degree passing certificates
  • Copy of last two months salary slip (as mentioned in your ad)

PE teacher cover letter should be a summary of all the skills and outstanding qualities that you have and which make you the best candidate for this position. Once you write your cover letter read it to correct errors if any and then send it.

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PE Teacher Cover Letter

PE Teachers help students engage in physical fitness and teach them how to have a healthy lifestyle. Essential responsibilities of a PE Teacher are encouraging maximum physical activity during class, motivating students to be physically active, organizing equipment and students, planning and organizing activities that benefit all students, explaining the correct way to exercise or engage in physical activities, and monitoring children’s social interaction skills. Aside from proper exercise, PE Teachers are also expected to transmit healthy living techniques.

Schools select cover letters highlighting the following PE Teacher skills and qualifications:

  • Instruction skills
  • Physical fitness
  • Physical education training
  • A genuine interest in health and fitness
  • Being able to motivate and discipline students
  • Recordkeeping skills
  • Attention to details
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills

Below is displayed a sample cover letter showcasing similar PE Teacher abilities and experience.

For help with your resume, check out our extensive PE Teacher Resume Samples.

Dear Mr. Scarberry:

As a dedicated and enthusiastic physical health and education specialist with comprehensive experience developing lesson plans and curriculum for K-12 students, it is my pleasure to submit the enclosed resume for your review. My background and passion for physical education positions me to significantly impact your school as your next PE Teacher.

Gym Teachers create lesson plans that follow the state-mandated curriculum for their students. They are also responsible for the well being of their students, ensuring they have the proper safety gear and understand the rules of each activity. Skills relevant to this position and found on sample resumes include preparing a daily lesson plan for physical activities, and helping children develop healthy habits that can last for the rest of their lives. To become a Gym Teacher, applicants need to have at least a bachelor’s degree in physical education or a related area on their resumes.

Preparing daily class plans, encouraging students of all physical levels, and introducing innovative educational techniques are just a few of my areas of expertise. By teaching students in a wide range of ages and situations, I have honed my communication, creativity, and motivational skills. My enthusiasm for fostering lifelong healthy habits in students has successfully developed thoughtful and health-conscious individuals.

Highlights of my qualifications include:

  • Organizing PE activities, programs, and games to strengthen and improve students’ physical fitness and stamina as appropriate for each age group.
  • Creating individualized plans and programs to facilitate a personalized approach to physical education while stimulating students’ enjoyment of exercise and appreciation for their health.
  • Communicating effectively with students, teachers, parents, and peers to ensure each student’s needs are met and identify ways to improve their communication, coordination, and life skills.
  • Coaching multiple sports teams and classes—including field hockey, lacrosse, and soccer—to elevate each individual’s knowledge and skills in each sport.

With my experience and credentials, I am well prepared to dedicate myself to the highest standards of physical education instruction at your school and exceed your expectations for this position. I look forward to discussing my qualifications in further detail. Thank you for your consideration.


Hugh P. Cabrera

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