Elementary Art Cover Letter

Andrew Slagle
57 Coburn Hollow Road
Peoria, IL 61602

Mr. Noel Eggers
Human Resources Manager
Mosaica Education
683 Aspen Court
Brookline, MA 2146

Aug 8, 2010

Subject: Application for position of Art Teacher

Dear Mr. Eggers,

I wish to apply for the position of Art Teacher as advertised. I have the necessary skills and qualifications for this post, as well as the necessary experience. I therefore believe that what I have to offer to Mosaica Education will be of great benefit to the company.

I have a B.A degree in Fine Arts from Northwestern University, Evanston, IL. I also have 6 years experience gained from working at a number of schools. I have taught the arts from elementary level to the stage of final year.

As you will see from my resume, my experience in teaching pupils artistic expression covers the entire spectrum, from drawing in charcoal, to painting in watercolors, to an introduction to pottery, to textile patterning, and many other kinds of art work as well.

I am a strong believer in meeting the needs of each and every pupil I teach. That is why I believe I have excellent communication skills and I am able to tease out of each pupil what it is they need most.

I find it easier to concentrate on what individual pupils need, rather than blanket teaching them all the same thing. In this way each pupil’s latent artistic expression is brought to the fore and exposed in the best possible way.

I feel sure that my proven ability to manage and maintain the highest standards as an Art Teacher will be of the greatest benefit to Mosaica Education and I have confidence that I can make a significant contribution to the institution.

I may be contacted at (444)-807-1611, or by email at a.slagle@zmail.com. I look forward to the opportunity of meeting you at interview level, and I thank you for the opportunity to be considered for the post of Art Teacher.

Yours Sincerely,

(Signature hand written in blue pen ink)

Andrew Slagle

Encl: Resume

Art Teacher Cover Letter Sample

This art teacher cover letter sample is sure to pique your interest! This could be called a letter of introduction or letter of intent - don't let the wording or terminology mix you up when they ask for one of those instead of a cover letter.

We immediately list Denise's education in the opening paragraph, showing her teaching qualifications; thus, encouraging the reader to continue with the cover letter, and move on to her art educator resume.

The cover letter highlights her dedication to the profession by mentioning the need to tailor her teaching style to meet the needs of all learners. She also thoroughly describes the type of learning environment she creates for her students which result in better achievement from her students.

The cover letter continues on to describe her strengths in the classroom, as well as the goals she sets for her art programs. By describing these areas, a school will have a better idea of what they can expect from her as an art educator at their school should they hire her. The cover letter also gives Denise a chance to better describe her teaching style and educational philosophy – things that she can't go into detail about in her resume.

Creativity, multiple intelligences, and the ability to implement interdisciplinary-based lessons were important to incorporate in this art teacher cover letter. These are examples of education keywords to include in your document to ensure it gets to the human eye if it is scanned.

At the bottom of her cover letter, we've included a quote from one of Denise's colleagues. Quotes are great tools that you can use to strengthen your cover letter or resume. Having someone else speak to your skills as an educator is invaluable to your job search. This quote has been highlighted with a blue background to bring it to the attention of the reader.

The formatting, border, icon, and color of Denise's art instructor cover letter match her teaching resume completely — it is essential to have uniformity between your job application documents. Not only does this create a cohesive and consistent product, but it also ensures a visually appealing application.

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