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I've seen two of the six-episode "Elements" subsections so far, both made in the 2000s: Elements Chemistry and Elements Biology.

They're an excellent way to get a brief summary of the subject's basics. I've tried out some other short series for this purpose, but those are often bloated, boring, and, what's worse, - uninformative, leaving you frustrated and unenlightened.

Assignment Discovery is different. Take Chemistry: they give you 6 episodes. They spend the first 10-15 minutes of the episode giving you a very clear, graphically great, illuminating primer on an aspect of chemistry: the periodic table, acids and bases, hydrocarbons. They play some suitable music - bouncy but unobtrusive - in the background, and the narrators - one male, one female - switch between segments. You don't actually see them, which is a refreshing change from annoying, in-your-face narrators with their lame-looking enthusiasm. AD is made in a way that's perfect for people with concentration problems - it relaxes you into learning.

The rest of each episode will proceed in a completely different vein, and a more BBC-ish style, leisurely telling you about how the subject is topical to our lives, usually - to modern technology. You can watch that part, or you can immediately skip to the next episode and get the next condensed-info 15-minute segment from its beginning. That's what I did. Consequently, you can catch up on chemistry in a little over an hour, maybe a little longer if you're gonna take notes and/or pause to look the issue up on the Web. I had to do a couple of such searches, but mostly the presentation of the material was extremely comprehensible.

CIPP Diploma in Payroll Management-Work Based Project Proposal

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IPP Diploma in Payroll: Work Based Project: Proposal
Working Title
Flexible Benefit Choices: A review of new and existing choices within the Company.
The key based mentor for this project is HR Manager of the Company. The researcher works within close proximity of the mentor as Payroll Administrator. There is a good working relationship and full support has been expressed by the mentor.
Various potential projects were discussed and the feasibility and beneficial factors to both the Company and the researcher were assessed. It was concluded that the flexible benefits choices project will benefit from the collaboration between the researcher, the Company and the supervisor.
The nature of the researcher’s role within the…show more content…

The secondary research will include books and articles that are relevant to the project issue. The following journals have shown key information in regards to flexible benefits;
Bradford, S., 2010. Flexible Benefits. Payroll Professional, (39), p.18-19.
Done, D., 2010. Whither Childcare Vouchers? Payroll Professional, (37), p.36.
Employee Benefits, Towers Watson, 2010. Flexible Benefits: Research 2010. [internet]. Available at: [last accessed 25th November 2010]
HMRC, EIM01140 : Employment income: Flexible Benefit Plans.[internet]. Available at: [last accessed 23rd November 2010]
HMRC, Salary Sacrifice: An Overview for Employers.[internet]. Available at: [last accessed 26th November 2010]
Spalding, D., 2008. Boosting Visibility of Benefits is Now Key Priority. Personnel Today, 28 June. p.14.
Upcraft, K., 2009. Worth the Sacrifice? Payroll Professional, (33), p.18-19.
Vernum, K., 2010. Salary Sacrifice: Q’s & A’s. Payroll Professional, (41), p.12-13.
Williams, N., 2009. Research Update: Staff Benefits 2009. Personnel Today, 8 Sept. p.23.
Weekes, S., 2010. Compliance, Salary Sacrifice: Dream Schemes?. Payroll World, May. p.20-21.
HMRC has also been

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