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Below we share with you our top 10 tips for passing your Error Checking Test first time.

Question practice is paramount

There is no substitute for spending time practicing good quality Error Checking Test questions. The real Error Checking Tests developed by test publishers are typically written by Chartered Occupational Psychologists so make sure the questions you are practicing questions that have also been written by Chartered Occupational Psychologists. We offer these here:

Practice under exam conditions

This means practicing questions in a quiet environment and preferably at a desk with rough working paper. Psychometric tests are stressful and the more you simulate exam conditions the calmer you are likely to be during your real assessment. Making sure that you practice questions under timed conditions is also exceptionally important because your real assessment will be timed and this is the main challenge i.e. working quickly but accurately while under time pressure.

Make a revision timetable

Prior preparation a planning is essential to success. This means mapping out how many days you have before your real assessment and planning your revision time. Often graduate employers give you a window in which to complete your psychometric test, however, it’s worth bearing in mind that they often recruit on a first come first served basis so while it’s important not to rush into sitting your psychometric test before you are ready it’s best not to drag out your application process.

Review the questions you get incorrect

After completing a error checking practice test make sure you spend sufficient time reviewing the questions you did not get correct. You will learn a lot from reviewing these questions.

Read the instructions carefully

It’s often tempting to dive straight into a psychometric test in order to get it over with but it is very important you read all the instructions first.

The instructions will give you invaluable pieces of information e.g. how many questions you will be asked to answer and how long the test will last. If you know this you can and must work out how long you have to answer each question. It’s important you move on if you get stuck, easier questions may follow and if you’ve read the instructions carefully they should tell you whether you can go back and attempt difficult questions you passed later having tackled the easy ones.

Don’t panic

Panicking is not helpful during a psychometric test, however, it’s easy to do. If you have spent sufficient time practicing questions under timed exam conditions then this should relieve a lot of the anxiety you would otherwise experience as the exam timer starts. Make sure you get a good night’s sleep before you real assessment and ensure you’re hydrated.

Don’t get your friends to help you with your real assessment

Employers often retest candidates at assessment centres so it’s simply not worth getting a friend or family member to complete an Error Checking Test for you.

Timing is key to success

Error Checking Tests are challenging because they require candidates to complete them under strict time constraints. Test publisher tests typically allow candidates between 15 and 30 seconds to answer each question, you must get used to working quickly and accurately under this sort of time pressure.

Complete the test publisher practice questions

After reading the instructions you will be presented with some example questions prior to your real assessment starting. These practice questions are typically not timed so take your time reviewing the format of the test publisher test. Take note of where the timer is on the screen, what format the questions are in and where the possible solutions are displayed on the screen.

Practice is they key to success

This is repetition of point 1 above but if you take nothing else from the advice above remember that question practice is the best way to improve your test scores.

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