E5 Eval Closing Statements For Essays

Fleet Admiral Ekong possesses an enthusiastic urge and ability to achieve. He/she is an intelligent, unique leader constantly thriving on new challenges while transferring goals and objectives into concrete, workable plans.

Enthusiastic and dedicated, actively seeks out challenges and doggedly pursues them until resolved. He is singled out for jobs that require determination and skill and has improved or corrected many chronic problem areas. He is a shining example to his peers and subordinates.

An outstanding Leader with the sustained performance and Technical Expertise of a Chief Petty Officer.

Petty Officer Sailor is a highly adaptive and quintessential professional who demonstrates (next pay grade) style leadership and managerial skills in a critical command billet. He has clearly set the standard by which all are measured.

Petty Officer XXXXXX is a highly motivated star performer who consistently seeks out the most demanding tasks and executes them flawlessly. PROMOTE NOW.

-Self Starter. Has hit the deck running, making significant contributions to the work center and Maintenance Department. Aggressively pursued P-3C and P-8A aircraft systems knowledge and qualifications.





Petty Officer Lovelace is a dependable and highly skilled professional. She is a team player who willingly accepts added responsibilities and has established a positive rapport with all levels of the chain of command.

MASN Hernandez works efficiently and effectively as a team player and shows great pride in the unit. She achieved positive results when confronted with major responsibilities and has the ability to multi-task.

enthusiastic sailor with unlimited potential

As a top performer in awards coordination, petty officer is consistently sought out by both leaders and subordinates for his assistance in a myriad of administrative and awards tasks.

Senior Chief Petty Officer Smith's inspirational leadership permeates my command. The deep respect he receives from all hands is evidence of his superlative qualities of leadership, integrity, and professional knowledge. His example has fostered unparalleled productivity and esprit de corps.

Standing head and shoulders above his peers, P.O. xxx exemplifies the definition of "OUTSTANDING" with every endeavor!

Petty Officer ??? has made an immediate positive impact! His/Her leadership has become the cornerstone of AV/ARM Division.

PO Jones continues to inspire Saiors to meet and exceed established standards. He instills core values and competencies in tomorrows leaders to meet todays challenges.

Deck-plate leadership at its finest! Marked P only due to short time on board and quota restraints. Stellar leadership and exceptional mastery of tactical and technical skills. Clear front-runner for Chief.

SN Jones is Third Division's top performer. Since taking over as leading SN he has been nothing but full speed ahead. His ability to use the resources provided to him to complete all assigned tasks is unmatched. SN Collado is already performing at the Third Class Petty Officer level and is ready for the next challenge now.

GM1 Name is head and shoulders above his peers, and the finest E6 I've known. He functions as a CPO every single day- the only thing missing are the anchors!

Petty Officer Villa readily accepts the most demanding challenges and produces superior results. His tireless devotion to duty inspires and challenges co-workers.

Professional, methodical and technically astute. FC2(SW)Sailor consistently leads by example seeking greater responsibility while excelling at the most difficult tasks.

A capable and dedicated Petty Officer, he always exercises sound judgement and has displayed strong leadership potential. Continuously reviews actions and strives for improvement of his section. Groom for future position of responsibility.

SUPERB CHIEF PETTY OFFICER! Hands-down my number one Chief Petty Officer in the mess! Energetic, dedicated leader whose performance always exceeds my highest expectations.

My nominee for promotion under the Combat Meritorious Advancement Program. Promote this warrior now!

CPO Pozzi is an enthusiastic, dedicated CPO. She has quickly transitioned from a maintenance background to her new staff duties

My best CPO. Developed a hearty Chief's Mess that restored Navy tradition and pride. PROMOTE TO SCPO NOW!

Absolute TOP NOTCH in every respect. The only E-6 to attain the title of Senior Watch Officer, a leader in whom I place extraordinary trust!

My best CIC Watch Supervisor! Developed and maintained an efficient and motivated watch characterized by professionalism and pride. PROMOTE TO CHIEF NOW!

Dependable, motivated, and trustworthy--a SCPO with the courage to manage without visible support

PO1 Dooney is a highly qualified PO; directly responsible for uptime rate of over 99% on all strategic communications links; exceeded stringent DISA standards

Highly skilled and dedicated professional, performs far beyond expectations; an outstanding asset to the unit

Outstanding PO. Crisp military bearing and appearance. Exceeds standards in military courtesies, fitness, and job performance.

How to Write a Navy Eval

Directions for the Evaluation Report & Counseling Record

The Summary

Just as the introduction was a masterpiece of concise expression, the summary must sum up the impression the writer is trying to convey about the subject of the Eval. Normally, one or two lines are used at the bottom of the Comments on Performance block to summarize the tone of the report.

  1. Introduction: two or three lines for the rater to describe the ratee's performance and character.
  2. The introduction should describe aspects of character not readily apparent from accomplishments.
  3. Last line of Introduction or first line of accomplishments
  4. accomplishment
  5. accomplishment
  6. accomplishment
  7. accomplishment
  8. accomplishment
  9. accomplishment
  10. accomplishment
  11. accomplishment
  12. accomplishment
  13. accomplishment
  14. accomplishment
  15. Last line of accomplishments or first line of summary
  16. Summary: one or two lines used to summarize the ratee's performance and make a promotion statement.

Sample summary statements:

  • Exceptional performer--further challenge with most difficult tasks--promote ahead of peers!
  • ITC1 Smith has shown tremendous growth, has overcome all obstacles, and is ready for a more challenging
    billet. A clear choice for Chief Petty Officer, Promote NOW!
  • Dynamic and distinguished NCO; leads by example; sets high, attainable standards--promote immediately
  • Maintained a $10M property account with a 98% accuracy. Best accountability of ten sections. Prime
    candidate for increased responsibilities. Must Promote!
  • Driven Petty Officer with outstanding results. Continue to entrust with increasing responsibility--Promote now!

Examples of summary statements or Closing Comments for PO2/E-5

Examples of summary statements or Closing Comments for PO1/E-6

Examples of summary statements or Closing Comments for EP

Examples of more Early Promote Closings

Examples of Must Promote Closings

Examples of Promotable Closings

Examples of Significant Problems Closings

More examples of summary statements or Closing Comments

As you can see, the summary isn't an accomplishment. It's a statement much like the introduction that describes how the supervisor views the ratee. And the promotion statement is more or less a requirement. If a promotion statement isn't included in the Summary, it indicates that the rater doesn't think the person should be promoted and is communicating that fact to any future reviewer. If deserved, the promotion statement should be included because it is expected.

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