Behind On Art Coursework

Hi, I am currently nearing the end of my GCSE's. I am quite academic and don't really struggle with any subjects; but art. I regret choosing it as a GCSE option because it stresses me out. When I chose it I really enjoyed it and I thought it would be a good idea because it would keep options open.
I'm not too bad at art, I got a B in the last project (60%) but I am so far behind in the exam project. The class is currently on planning their final piece as our exam is next week but I have only just finished Artist Research (meaning I still have loads of Experimentation to do).
I really don't know what to do! I have other subjects to focus on because I have 14 exams in the summer, so I need to concentrate on revision as well as art. Should I put art as priority in order to get the project done quickly? Or would it not matter if I don't get an art grade? How do I get art coursework done quickly?
In Sixth Form next year I will not be taking art. I want to do a Law degree in university (preferably Cambridge, but unlikely). I wish to take Biology, Maths, RS and Law. Should I still focus on art? Is it important? I have also spend a lot of money on art boards and sketchbooks. (Around £70).
I kind of have an idea what I'm going to do for my final piece, I've just got so much planning and experimentation to do by the exam (a couple of weeks away!)
I also have no motivation to do art. So basically my question is: How do I get art coursework done quickly but not at a terrible standard?

Ed Sheeran's A Levels' May Be Investigated After He Shockingly Admitted To Cheating

24 January 2017, 10:25

Ed admitted that his highest mark at school was actually achieved by someone else!

We know Ed Sheeran is one of the biggest and best singer/songwriters on the planet - there's no denying that. It appears to come so naturally to him and we can't imagine him doing anything else.

But there was something we didn't know about loveable Ed and the shocking truth behind his A Level Art grade has finally been revealed.

WATCH: Ed Sheeran's Old Mate Was In Graham Norton's Red Chair & His Reaction Was Priceless

Ed's CV currently includes an A* grade for his A Level Art course, but in a recent interview Ed admitted that he was not the person who created that artwork which got him such an impressive grade.


In fact, the person who did create it and rightfully deserves to be credited with the A* grade is Ed's mum!

According to the Daily Star, Ed confessed, “I didn’t turn up for the last four months of school and she didn’t want me to fail my art exam. So she did it for me because it was a practical.”

“I got 100% A* on it and it was the only 100% A* in school. They do like a portfolio, I was just away touring saying: ‘No mum and I’m going to be a famous musician.’ And she’s like: ‘No you have to get your grades.’ Then she did it and got 100%!”

Picture: Instagram

With Ed openly admitting to submitting coursework that wasn't his, an investigation could be opened and his grade could be revoked, although considering he's now one of the biggest performing artists on the entire planet, we're not sure he has to worry about his A Level Art grades anymore.

Shout out to Ed's mum though - you smashed it Imogen!

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