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Educational travel programs for high-school students are not all created equal. Know what you’re getting before making a commitment.

Each summer, thousands of North American high-school students travel abroad with organizations that specialize in educational travel programs.

Many of these lucky students return home with increased self-confidence, a heightened understanding of global issues, fabulous photos for Facebook, and a college essay topic that will impress even the most ruthless Ivy League admissions officer.

Parents and students who decide to invest in an educational travel program should be applauded, but choosing the right program is a daunting and complicated task. Dozens of organizations specialize in youth travel, and among these organizations there are tremendous variations in travel style, educational philosophy, and overall quality.

When it comes to youth travel programs, making the right choice requires extensive research and careful consideration. The following questions will help you make sense of your options.

1. What Risk-Management Policies Are in Place?

Every student travel company will tell you participant safety is their number one priority, but you should ask about their specific risk-management policies. At a minimum, trip instructors should be certified Wilderness First Responders, have extensive in-country experience, and be backed up by a qualified emergency services provider.

Student behavior is a greater risk than riots, floods, or bacteria. Does the program tacitly allow students to drink alcohol? Are students allowed to ride motor-bikes or hook-up with each other?

The travel company will probably insist that students are not allowed to engage in risky behavior, but ask former participants how strict their leaders were and you might get a more honest response.

Finally, it’s important to recognize that travel in developed countries like France or Argentina is not necessarily any less dangerous than travel in poor countries like Cambodia or Bolivia.

A qualified and experienced instructor team operating under carefully prepared risk management policies is the best line of defense against accident, injury, and illness.

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2. How Many Students Are in a Group?

Small is beautiful. A travel group of 10-12 students is an ideal size, but 16 is too many and anything above 20 will guarantee a lack of instructor supervision and a cookie-cutter experience.

Ask if student groups will ever be combined. Some youth travel companies operate in-country base camps where several groups of students live at the same time. This is not an ideal scenario because it resembles summer camp – students will spend their time frantically forming cliques and be less likely to immerse themselves in the local culture or learn something new.

3. What Is The Instructor / Student Ratio?

Just as important as small group size is a low instructor to student ratio. One instructor for every four students is solid, one for every six is risky and one for every 10 is dangerous and irresponsible.

A low student-instructor ratio helps instructors keep close tabs on student health and behavior while giving students lots of individual attention. If only two instructors are trying to keep track of 20 students, they will not be able to do anything more than take attendance and make sure students are on the tour bus every morning.

Likewise, if an instructor gets sick, or needs to leave the group in order to escort a student to a hospital, it’s important to have at least two instructors who can stay behind and keep the group safe.

4. What Are the Instructors’ Qualifications?

Beyond basic qualifications like first aid training, ask if instructors are professional educators or just glorified baby-sitters.

How old is the average instructor? Many organizations hire recent college graduates or even current college students, which is asking for trouble.

How much in-country experience do the instructors have? Some organizations hire instructors who have never been to the country where the group will travel.

Finally, are the instructors even called instructors, or are they ‘guides’ or ‘counselors’? A guide leads a tour group and a counselor works at summer camp. If you’re looking for a genuinely educational travel experience, examine the credentials of the instructors with great care.

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5. What Is the Organization’s Philosophy of Travel?

Philosophy of travel is a difficult concept to quantify, but it can make all the difference between a fun but forgettable vacation and a profoundly memorable learning experience.

How touristy is the program? Will the group be traveling on tour buses, visiting famous attractions and consuming pre-packaged experiences, or will they get off the beaten path, interact with local people and enjoy a uniquely memorable learning adventure?

A good traveler should be humble, appreciative, curious, and respectful of local customs. If the organization is promoting a whirlwind tour or spring break style party trip, stay well away.

6. What Is the Main Focus of the Program?

Some programs are focused on service projects, some on language studies, and others on niche activities like sailing or wildlife conservation.

This works out well when students’ interests and goals match the specific focus of the program, but other students might want a more comprehensive experience.

7. Will Students Interact With Local People?

When a dozen teenagers are thrown into a situation together, they sometimes find it difficult to pay attention to anything but the social dynamics of the group.

Since genuine interaction with local people is such a valuable element of travel, find out how students are encouraged to meet the locals.

Will there be home-stays? Are students given solo time? Does the program emphasize culturally appropriate behavior and give students the practical skills they need to communicate?

8. What Costs Are NOT Included in the Tuition?

Youth travel programs aren’t cheap, and it’s important to know exactly what you get for your money. Most companies list a tuition price that does not include international airfare.

Other costs that might not be covered include student visas, travel insurance, airport taxes, and money for personal items and souvenirs.

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9. How Many Swimsuit Photos Are in the Catalog?

Finally, allow me to introduce The Swimsuit Test – my favorite metric for determining the quality of a youth travel program.

The Swimsuit Test is simple. Look through the program catalog and count the photos of attractive students who are either shirtless or wearing swimsuits. The more swimsuit photos, the less respectable the company.

Why is The Swimsuit Test a good barometer of quality?

Youth travel companies know that photos of cute boys and girls having fun in swimsuits will attract teenage interest. Beyond the moral issue of using scantily clad teenagers for marketing purposes lie questions of cultural respect and educational priorities.

In many countries, showing so much skin is culturally inappropriate behavior. The very scenes that companies use to market their trips will alienate the local people and separate the students from the genuine culture they are ostensibly there to experience.

Moreover, while hanging out on the beach might look like fun, it’s not an activity students need to travel across the world to enjoy.

Find a program that focuses on challenging students to do more than just have fun at the beach. Travel is too valuable an opportunity to waste.

Support Youth Travel Programs

The Matador Network is proud to sponsor a student on a youth travel program with Where There Be Dragons, a highly regarded youth travel company. To help, please make a donation to The Matador Fund.

Wondering if youth travel programs are worth the investment? Read Tim Patterson’s recent essay “Youth Travel Programs Are Vital To Our Security.”

Compare Youth Travel Programs

Here is a list of companies that specialize in youth travel programs. If you notice an omission, feel free to add a link in the comment section.

360 Student Travel

Abbey Road Overseas Programs

Action Quest

Adventure Cross Country

Al Campo

Amigos de las Americas


Center for Cross-Cultural Study

China Prep


Deer Hill Expeditions

EF International Schools

Experiment in International Living

Green Across the Pacific

Glimpses of China

Global Leadership Adventures

Longacre Expeditions


Projects Abroad

Putney Student Travel

Rustic Pathways


Sail Caribbean

Sea Trek

Students in Brazil

The Road Less Traveled

Travel for Teens

Triskallian Tours


Walking Tree

Where There Be Dragons

For more information and resources, check out this high school study abroad page at Transitions Abroad, which is loaded with quality articles and advice.

37 Best Scholarships and Grants for Volunteering Abroad

Scholarships and grants for volunteering abroad are pecuniary awards meant for those volunteers who want to use them to cover any of their program expenses, including lodgings, air fares, insurance and other incidental costs. Volunteers have to apply for these scholarships and grants online or in person.  It must be noted that some of these scholarships and grants can be very competitive and hard to get. However, there are many others that are underutilized. And luckily, there are some nifty strategies to volunteer abroad for free, which include starting a fundraising campaign or earning a scholarship or grant to volunteer abroad.

In this article, our professional team has reviewed hundreds of ways for volunteering abroad using the aforementioned strategies and chose for you some of the best available. We will summarize 37 best scholarships and grants to volunteer aboard available in the internet to give all our readers a great many choices. The article also lists many resources that will be helpful for anyone planning to volunteer, study, or travel abroad.

Community Service Award: Golden Key Study Abroad Scholarships

Golden Key provides $1 Million scholarships and grants for volunteering abroad for its members. The Golden Key Community Service Award is delivered for the members with impactful services towards the community. The applicant for this grant is selected according to his/her leadership as well as his/her involvement within Golden Key, his/her academic performance, and financial need.

Application Eligibility: Current FT or PT undergraduate or graduate Golden Key members.

Scholarship Award:Multiple $2000 awards will be granted.

Application Requirements: The applicant has to:

  • Be an active member of the Golden Key.
  • Have accumulated community service’s 100 hours throughout any non-profit org.
  • Being enrolled in a degree-granting program is also required.

More Info and How to Apply for Golden Key Study Abroad Scholarships.

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Mosaic Grants Program: America’s Unofficial Ambassadors (AUA)

This is one of the best grants to volunteer abroad for Summer Service programs in Indonesia, Morocco, Tajikistan, or Zanzibar. They offer five different grants and the applicant is eligible to receive only one type of grants available. Grants include America’s Unofficial Ambassadors Mosaic Grants, Qatar Airways Mosaic Grants, The Bridges to Tajikistan Mosaic Grant, as well as The Allegheny College Mosaic Grants.

Application Eligibility: All students are eligible to apply for this grant.

Scholarship Award:According to the grant as follows:

  • The Bridges to Tajikistan Mosaic Grant: The award is up to $875.
  • America’s Unofficial Ambassadors Mosaic Grants: The award is between $500 and $1000.
  • Qatar Airways Mosaic Grants: The award is between $1200 and $2000.
  • The Allegheny College Mosaic Grants: The amount of award is varied between $500 and $1000.

Application Requirements: According to the grant as follows:

  • The Bridges to Tajikistan Mosaic Grant: The applicant must complete the essay question.
  • America’s Unofficial Ambassadors Mosaic Grants: The applicant must submit an additional essay of the Summer Service program.
  • Qatar Airways Mosaic Grants: The applicant must apply with a note to be considered for this grant, and must submit full program fee payments.
  • The Allegheny College Mosaic Grants: The applicant must be a student of Allegheny College, complete the essay question, and include a note asking to be considered for the grant.

More Info and How to Apply for Mosaic Grants Program.

Sara’s Wish Scholarship Fund: Sara’s Wish Foundation (USA)

The foundation was established to perpetuate the memory of a girl named Sara Christie Schewe who was killed in a bus accident while on her way to visit Taj Mahal in Agra, India. The mission of Sara’s Wish foundation is to help American women who share Sara’s ideas. They provide many scholarships to volunteer abroad with funding help humanitarian work for young women. The organization helped women to travel to Korea, Ethiopia, the Philippines, Nepal, Chile, and other countries with the aim to develop life there.

Application Eligibility: Young women, which were SWF scholarship recipients in previous.

Scholarship Award: One or two from previous recipients may get awards every year. The amount of award starts from $1000 and is up to $10000.

Application Requirements: Candidate has to take part in the well-established humanitarian initiative. The initiative can be different from the previous scholarship awarded.

The previous recipient has to prove and demonstrate as following:

  • Effectivity in the humanitarian organization
  • On-going commitment for the trip
  • Individual safety
  • Needs within the non-profit organization for the funding

The request has to include the justified need for funding, well-documented to support the development of the selected humanitarian initiative.

More Info and How to Apply for Sara’s Wish Scholarship Fund.

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Scholarships for Extending WorldTeach Volunteers: WorldTeach (USA)

WorldTeach is the well-established volunteer organization that provides more personalized support. This volunteer abroad scholarship covers usually health insurance costs for those volunteers who want to extend their WorldTeach experience for one more year.

Other Scholarships: WorldTeach has several scholarships available. They are:

  • David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies (DRCLAS).
  • Kristin Linnea Skvarla Foundation Grant – Namibia.
  • The Posse Foundation.
  • WorldTeach Teacher Fellowships.
  • Harvard College Office of Career Services (Summer Funding through Non-Harvard International Programs).
  • Notre Dame - Kellogg Summer Internship.
  • Steve Reifenberg Fellowship through DRCLAS at Harvard University - Post Graduate Service.
  • The Morehead-Cain Foundation at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.
  • Harvard Center for African Studies (CAS) Undergraduate Summer Grant.

Application Eligibility: Current volunteers traveling abroad with the WorlTeach.

Scholarship Award: The amount of award is range from $100 and can be up to $600.

Application Requirements: The volunteer wishing to get the scholarship has to contact their program manager via e-mail to request for the financial support for the second year volunteering abroad.

More Info and How to Apply for Scholarships for Extending WorldTeach Volunteers.

The Omprakash Ambassador Travel Grant: Omprakash (USA)

The Omprakash provides grants to volunteer abroad for people who are looking to have volunteering experience within their international network of education, healthcare and environmental by “Partner” organizations. The grant can be used only for travel and living needs, es example accommodation expenses and flight cost. Their volunteer abroad scholarship programs have different targets: help their Partners with support, organize educational and empowering experiences for talented people and to expand the scope.

Application Eligibility: All Volunteers or Partner who are able to share creative resources.

Scholarship Award: The amount of the grant is range between $500 and $2500. The amount can be distributed in 1 or up to three installments.

Application Requirements: To applicate the potential recipient has to share his lesson plans or educational documentaries, any materials that help teachers and students to learn or to increase or fundraising.

More Info and How to Apply for The Omprakash Ambassador Travel Grant.

Katie Evans Memorial Scholarship: Foundation for Sustainable Development (USA)

The foundation supported and trained many students since 1995 in order for working on health projects the organization’s partners from all over the world. This scholarship is for honoring the memory of Katie Evans. This volunteer abroad scholarship is for students graduated in public health. They offer students to have experience in work and to have an intensive training on local public health development projects. It’s a great opportunity to get and develop such skills as project management, cultural integration, and grant writing. There are different directions of the projects, such as Latin America, Africa, and Asia.

Application Eligibility: The potential recipient has to be Master of Public Health Graduate and has completed the degree of one year at the beginning of the internship or to be enrolled in MPH.

Scholarship Award: The amount of award is $300, projects that are longer than 13 weeks will get additional funding. Additional project funding can be up to $800 through FSD.

Application Requirements:Student has to have an opportunity to commit at least 9 weeks of internship. The demonstration of commitment to community-based development and to the international health is required. On the FSD website the potential recipient has to complete an Intern Abroad application, include a 500 words essay with an explanation why he is interested in pursuing the scholarship.

More Info and How to Apply for Katie Evans Memorial Scholarship.

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Travel for Good Grant Program for "Voluntourist" Hopefuls: Travelocity (USA)

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Most of Travelocity clients are traveling for tourism or for business trips. But the organization is also interested in developing volunteer abroad scholarship programs. The aim of Travelocity is to inspire of a combination of tourism and volunteering. This grant was created to let people travel for good. The award covers project needs and transportation cost.

Application Eligibility: Everyone willing to travel for good.

Scholarship Award: $10000 donation will get each non-profit organization and three deserving people for the philanthropic travel. To motivate to save for their own Travel for Good efforts, Travelocity will pay also $500 for 100 persons.

Application Requirements: To apply, people who are interested in getting grant have to follow @TravelForGood or @Travelocity on Twitter and to use #TravelForGood to share aim and location of their trip. They also have to explain reasons why they have to receive the award. Applications are able to be submitted in different formats, such as video, images or text.

More Info and How to Apply for Travel for Good Grant Program for "Voluntourist" Hopefuls.

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Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Program: IIE (USA)

They offer grants for students who are limited in finance to continue study or to have career-oriented volunteer abroad scholarship programs. The program was created to assist students, studying in different private and public institutions from all over the USA. 

Application Eligibility: All undergraduate students who are U.S. citizens and receive Federal Pell Grant funding at university or 2-4 years college.

Scholarship Award: Award amount is varying based on student’s needs and length of study, with the approximately amount of $3000 for summer programs and $4000 for autumn and spring programs. Applicants studying critical need languages will be able to receive up to $8000.

Application Requirements: There are 2 components of application:

  • Online application where has to be uploaded official transcripts.
  • Online certifications, as well as the financial aid advisor.

More Info and How to Apply for Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Program.

ACDI/VOCA Volunteer Opportunities: ACDI/VOCA

ACDI/VOCA completed more than 11000 volunteer assignments in more than 130 countries including Albania till Zimbabwe since 1971. They provide scholarships to volunteer abroad for international development activities in marketing, cooperative and association development, agriculture, banking and financial services, food processing, business, as well as community development. Their activities are available in Africa, Middle East, Asia and Latin America.

Application Eligibility: Current or recent (within 2 years) graduate students in the areas of business, agriculture, and international studies.

Scholarship Award: All related expenses including round-trip coach airfare, passport, visas, lodging, meals and incidentals, immunizations, supplemental health insurance, and even emergency medical evacuation if required.

Application Requirements: Online application, plus completing a project assignment report and an expense report.

More Info and How to Apply for ACDI/VOCA Volunteer Opportunities.

The Samuel Huntington Public Service Award: National Grid

Samuel got an education in Nigeria before he attended the law school, as he was interested in public service deeply. The Samuel Huntington Public Service Award was mainly established by his friends to allow other students to realize similar experiences and to provide public services throughout offering grants to volunteer abroad for different students.

Application Eligibility: Senior graduates from any U.S. college or U.S. University, and non-U.S. citizens also may apply to this project.

Scholarship Award: $15000 for a 1-year public service project ($7500 at the beginning of the project - $7500 upon receipt of the 6-month progress report.

Application Requirements: The senior must develop a proposal for any type of public service in his motherland or abroad. The application is online, plus a one-page cover sheet, budget, proposal, resume, transcript, and 3 letters of recommendation.

More Info and How to Apply for The Samuel Huntington Public Service Award.

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The LIVFund Scholarship: LIVFund

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LIVFund was established in 2011 in order for recognizing and supporting study, and scholarships and grants to volunteer abroad especially in Latin America. LIVFund offers its scholarship in 21 Latin American countries such as Dominican Republic, Mexico, El Salvador, Belize, Venezuela, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru, Nicaragua, Colombia, Paraguay, Honduras, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Guatemala, Argentina, and Panama.

Application Eligibility: Anyone who is interested in getting the help for covering the program expenses or the expenses of living abroad. Students and volunteers that are currently located abroad are also acceptable for applying to this scholarship.

Scholarship Award: LIVFund awards two scholarships each month to the selected applicants with $500 each.

Application Requirements: Online application for anyone and everyone who is over 18 years old and interested in interning, learning, or volunteering abroad especially in Latin America. The awarded applicant must post at least three blog posts on the LIVFund blog explaining his abroad experience in details.

More Info and How to Apply for The LIVFund Scholarship.

Go Overseas Volunteer/Intern Abroad Scholarship: Go Overseas

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Go Overseas works every day with a goal of getting more people to go out in the world and get the experiences that they had through this volunteer abroad scholarship. They judge submissions regarding the content quality, without any caring about nationality, race, or gender, race.

Application Eligibility: Everyone from whatever nationality is eligible for applying.

Scholarship Award: $500 for individuals to volunteer abroad every year in the spring and in the fall. The award is distributed directly to the volunteer organization itself to ensure that the funds are used entirely for the project. Under some special circumstances, the funds may be distributed directly to the volunteer.

Application Requirements: Online application for everyone, with a condition that the applicants can apply to only one scholarship (Volunteer or study/intern abroad scholarship).

More Info and How to Apply for Go Overseas Volunteer/Intern Abroad Scholarship.

Allianz Global Assistance ScholarTrips: Allianz Global Assistance (AGA)

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The founder of the project AGA organization is a leader in insurance and assistance field which has operation centers in 28 different countries and is serving about 13 million clients in the U.S. only providing them with the best travel insurance plans. Beside travel insurance, Allianz Global Assistance offers event ticket protection and unique assistance services such as international medical assistance, volunteer abroad scholarship programs, and concierge services.

Application Eligibility: Students who are U.S. citizens, or U.S. legal residents, with 14 years old or over.

Scholarship Award: AGA will award 30 winners with $50 Amazon gift cards, and 6 winners will receive the Grand Prize $2500 scholarship in order for putting towards their volunteering program or studying abroad.
Application Requirements: Online application, plus 60-90 seconds video (on YouTube or Vimeo), or a word essay to answer the question “How can international travel impact your life?”, also, the applicant has to be a student from an accredited college, trade school, high school, or university.

More Info and How to Apply for Allianz Global Assistance ScholarTrips.

Hispanic Annual Salute Scholarship: Hispanic Annual Salute (HAS)

Hispanic Annual Salute is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization, which was established in 1980 in order for recognizing the Hispanic volunteers throughout Colorado. Each year, they select a number of high school seniors for their scholarships to volunteer abroad, who live by the principle of philanthropy in their community.

Application Eligibility: Graduates from high school during the current academic year, who reside in Colorado, and perform notable volunteer contribution in the Hispanic community.

Scholarship Award: The award will be minimum $2000 to the Hispanic youth who are exhibiting as well as encouraging the volunteerism.

Application Requirements: To get the award the GPA has to be at least 2.5 GPA plus an essay, as well as the following:

  • Completed and signed Hispanic Annual Salute Youth Award Application.
  • Attending the annual gala.
  • 3 letters of recommendation.
  • School activities or employment.
  • Official high school transcript or copies.

More Info and How to Apply for Hispanic Annual Salute Scholarship.

Volunteer for America: City Year

The City Year founder is the organization, named Volunteer for America that is a national service organization.  They are proud to be a member of the AmeriCorps. They manage the work in 20 different locations across the U.S.

City Year’s leaders always invest not only their talents but also their energy in order for addressing the most critical needs in their country. Their volunteer abroad scholarship offers 10 months of full-time leadership development, community service, as well as civic engagement.

Application Eligibility: College freshman, graduate student, and year 5 students. Applicants must be in the age between 17-24 years old, and be U.S. citizens or permanent resident aliens.

Scholarship Award: Varies according to the state, as well as the volunteer himself.

Application Requirements: The student applying to the project has to be G.E.D. recipient, high school graduate, or he may have an agreement of pursuing a G.E.D. In case if the applicant doesn’t have H.S. diploma or equivalent, then he/she will be required to take a basic academic proficiency test.

More Info and How to Apply for Volunteer for America.

Corporate Student Scholarship and Worldwide Community Ambassador Award: Giva Inc.

This award was created for every student that is attended any college or university in any location all over the world. This award is part of their volunteer abroad scholarship programs which are focusing on assisting the undergraduate or graduate students in order for furthering their education, as well as expanding their social responsibility and community service footprint towards the world.

Application Eligibility: All types of students except major student who are currently attending any college or university degree program (full/part-time).

Scholarship Award: The amount of Giva awards are $1000 scholarships.

Application Requirements: The applicant has to complete the online application with the 600-1000 words essay where he has the highlight the following terms:

  • How can your talents and education make the world a better place for our future and future generations too?
  • Describe you career and private aims and why?

A current CV has to be included with the essay as well. The applicant has to be already an active student (not high school student neither waiting to attend the college/university).

More Info and How to Apply for Giva Corporate Student Scholarship and Worldwide Community Ambassador Award.

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Morton A. Gibson Memorial Scholarship: Jewish Social Service Agency (JSSA)

For more than 120 years, the Jewish Social Service Agency (JSSA) has been helping individuals and families in the area of Washington Metro in order for meeting social, emotional, as well as physical challenges. JSSA has a long tradition of offering a wide range of services to meet the diverse needs of the Jewish community by offering many scholarships to volunteer abroad.

Application Eligibility: Jewish high school seniors from the Washington metropolitan area. The applicant must be a Jewish U.S. citizen or be working towards the citizenship.

Scholarship Award: 1-2 scholarships in the amount of $2500 awarded annually.

Application Requirements: The applicant has to be accepted in an accredited 4-year undergraduate program (full-time basis), as well as demonstrate financial need. The applicant has also to demonstrate particular volunteer services within the local Jewish community.

More Info and How to Apply for Morton A. Gibson Memorial Scholarship.

Dunkin’ Donuts Scholarship: Dunkin’ Donuts

They operate with Scholarship America as well as the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation in order for evaluating the applicants and then selecting the best candidates in order for receiving the awards for this volunteer abroad scholarship. Scholarship America is best-known as a non-profit organization, which is focusing on expanding the students’ access to the education. They awarded more than $1 billion since 1958 in supporting the education in order for covering about one million students.

Application Eligibility: High school seniors residing in New Hampshire who demonstrate "well-rounded" character: positive academic record, demonstrated leadership, commitment to school and community activities, and experience in a work environment.

Scholarship Award: The award is $2500 scholarships for the most qualified high school seniors.

Application Requirements: The applicants have to be students who are looking for careers in business, food service industries, hospitality, or students who have minimum 3.25 GPA and who demonstrate substantial volunteer or community service.

More Info and How to Apply for Dunkin’ Donuts Scholarship.

Becca’s Closet Spirit of Generosity Scholarship: Becca's Closet

Photo Credit:

This scholarship is a one-time only, with an option to renew. This volunteer abroad scholarship has a goal to collect and distribute homecoming and prom clothing to needy high school students in local communities. Another goal is to host the annual fundraisers to increase the amount of money for assisting students with the cost of higher education in their local area.

Application Eligibility: Senior high school graduate.

Scholarship Award: More than two awards with the amount $1000 that is offered annually, the award can’t be renewed. The award’s money, after applicants will be selected, will be sent to their institution. Also, any previous recipients can apply again.

Application Requirements: To be selected for this scholarship, the high-school senior should have made a really high-quality contribution to his/her local community development, including the volunteer service. The applicant can be only a U.S. Citizen or another option is to be the permanent resident. A minimum GPA that can be accepted for this scholarship is 2.0. In the application is important to demonstrate the financial need, and have the plan to be attended in accreditation of 2 or 4 years college, university or technical school in the USA.

More Info and How to Apply for Becca’s Closet Spirit of Generosity Scholarship.

John C. Bajus Scholarship: Marine Technology Society

Marine Technology Society (MTS) is the international community of technologists, educators, ocean engineers and policy makers. They promote awareness and development of marine technology. To reach their goal, they created John C. Bajus Scholarship. This scholarship is one of popular scholarships and grants for volunteering abroad, which is also a great opportunity for those who are interested in marine technology and related with this field the volunteering activity or community service.

Application Eligibility: The student has to attend a four-year college or a university in the Marine Biology, Oceanography or Marine/Ocean Engineering fields in the full-time study. Marine Technology Society student members only. The cost for membership is $25.

Scholarship Award: The amount of award is $1000.

Application Requirements: The applicant has to demonstrate a commitment to volunteer activities or community service. Essay with approximately 500 words about interest in marine technology and current development of instrumentation with the application form is required.

More Info and How to Apply for John C. Bajus Scholarship.

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Jesse Brown Scholarship: DAV

The main mission of DAV is to improve veteran’s life’s level. DAV works with the volunteering help such as the community help for the injured heroes-veterans. Jesse Brown Scholarship was created to motivate volunteers to help veterans, as every year best volunteers get a high amount of award.

Application Eligibility: Volunteer not older than 21 years old, with volunteering experience at least 100 hours in VA medical center. Volunteers with experience in DAV’s Local Veterans Assistance Program (LVAP) are also able to receive this volunteer abroad scholarship.

Scholarship Award: Every year one recipient can get an award $20000. Additional scholarships are available in amounts $5000, $7500, $10000 and $15000.

Application Requirements: The applicant for this scholarship can be selected by Voluntary Service Program Manager or the volunteer may complete a self-nomination. The requirements for application include essay, nomination form and any additional documentation that can help to prove that this volunteer is the best nominator for the scholarship.

The scholarship should be used before recipient reach 25 years old and not longer than during 6 years after receiving.

More Info and How to Apply for Jesse Brown Scholarship.

Washington Hospital Service League Volunteer Scholarships: WHSL

The WHSL every year award scholarships for students in a health-related field. WHSL provide with different types of scholarships to volunteer abroad to help volunteers and students in health-related fields.

Other Scholarships: Washington Hospital Employee Association (WHEA) Scholarship.

Application Eligibility: Any health –related student or high school senior can apply for this scholarship.

Scholarship Award: Every year two scholarships with amount $1000, that are renewable for up to 3 years.

Application Requirements: To apply the student has to submit an application, provide with an official transcript of high school or college and prove the citizenship. After application, the nominator will have an interview.

If the recipient is interested in renewing the scholarship, he has to keep well standing with a 2.5 GPA or better and remain in a health related program.

More Info and How to Apply for Washington Hospital Service League Volunteer Scholarships.

Foster Child Grant: Massachusetts Legislature

Starting from 2001 the Massachusetts Legislature starts to help students through the Foster Child Grant. The award for this one of the best grants to volunteer abroad can be used for foster children to pay for their education. The volunteering agreement is required for this grant. 

Application Eligibility: The applicant has to be accepted by every following point:

  • A legal permanent resident of Massachusetts.
  • NOT BE in default of any state or federal Student Loans or refund for any previous financial help.
  • Be younger than 25 years old.
  • Be in the list of the Department of Children and Families through a Care and Protection Petition.
  • A student who has satisfactory academic progress.
  • Has a full-time study.

Scholarship Award: Grant amounts are up to $6000 per academic year.

Application Requirements: To apply student has to contact DHE’s Office of Student Financial Assistance or directly to the social worker from the Department of Children and Families with all the documents to prove the application eligibility. Also, the recipient has to sign a voluntary agreement with the Department of Social Services to get the grant.

More Info and How to Apply for Foster Child Grant.

Individual Grants for Volunteering: Jack Petchey Foundation (UK)

This Foundation was created to help young people who are financially deprived to get scholarships and grants to volunteer abroad in order to spread the common good.

Application Eligibility: Young people looking for funding for individual volunteering trip or to realize the project to help others or the voluntary service in the local community or abroad.

Scholarship Award: Variable, based on the project needs. The grant can be awarded only once. In the case of unsuccessful application, the person can apply again.

Application Requirements: The recipient has to apply through the website with the detailed description of the project or individual needs for volunteering, with an explanation of the funding needs.

More Info and How to Apply for Individual Grants for Volunteering.

Youth Volunteer Scholarship Award: BBG

BBG is the high-quality billing and collection services provider in the USA. They founded Youth Volunteer Scholarship to support students interested in getting a volunteer abroad scholarship and at the same time have high result in their academic achievements.

Application Eligibility: Students under the age 21.

Scholarship Award: The scholarship amount is $500.

Application Requirements: The applicant has to have over the past two years at least 50 hours of volunteering work. Also, during the same period, he has to keep a GPA of 3.5 or higher. The nominee has to submit with an application form the essay with up to 1000 words about his experience in volunteering and how it has changed his life

More Info and How to Apply for Youth Volunteer Scholarship Award.

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UVolunteer Scholarship: UVolunteer

The organization uVolunteer is a volunteering abroad provider with 3 different destinations: Costa-Rica, Thailand, and Ghana. They believe that everyone should have an opportunity to join any of volunteer abroad scholarship programs, even if he has some financial problems, that’s why they founded uVolunteer Scholarship to let more people have a chance to volunteering in Costa-Rica.

Application Eligibility: Everyone older than 18 years old with a wish to volunteering abroad.

Scholarship Award: $2000 that covers the 4 week volunteering abroad in Costa-Rica (including a place to stay and food), plus $600 flight voucher to reach the place. The only one person per season will earn the award. The winner can’t apply again.

Application Requirements: The applicant shouldn’t have any residency restrictions. He has to follow visa restrictions. All photos, videos and content provided via application should be unique.

Travel Scholarship: Build Abroad

Photo Credit:

The volunteering organization Build Abroad is focused mainly on construction volunteering. They organized volunteering trips for different construction projects, such as disaster relief, building homes and schools which making this scholarship one of the most interesting scholarships to volunteer abroad. Travel Scholarship let volunteers join the project in Guatemala, Costa Rica, Peru, Nepal or Thailand for free.

Application Eligibility: the applicant has to be at least 18 years old and be a student in architecture or interior design related fields. Also, this scholarship is available for graduated with a degree in architecture with 5 years’ work experience.

Scholarship Award: The applicant’s award is one-week volunteering trip to any destination that Build Abroad provides (including accommodation and 2 meals per day).

Application Requirements: With the application form, the applicant will be asked to write a statement with 300-600 words about his volunteering experience and his position on architecture.

More Info and How to Apply for Travel Scholarship.

Go Ennounce Yourself Scholarship: Go Ennounce

Go Ennounce is an online student platform to share information between each other. This volunteer abroad scholarship was founded to let students share their educational and volunteering accomplishments and get findings for this on a monthly basis.

Application Eligibility: High school or college student that has a volunteering experience.

Scholarship Award: Students are required to apply by filling out the application form, provide their bio-data, and regularly post an essay, photos or other materials related to volunteering.

Application Requirements: Student requires to apply the application form, feel the Bio page and regularly post an essay, photos or other materials, related to volunteering.

More Info and How to Apply for Go Ennounce Yourself Scholarship.

Volunteer Scholarship Program: St. David’s Medical Center HealthCare

Photo Credit:

St. David’s HealthCare provides Texas with many hospitals, mostly located in the central part of the region. They provide with advanced and specialized healthcare services because of their talented staff of physicians and nurses, and the latest technologies. They founded Volunteer Scholarship Program to support students from healthcare related field’s colleges and universities and motivate them for volunteering and earning one of the best scholarships and grants to volunteer abroad.

Application Eligibility: Students who are currently enrolled or accepted in a degree of Healthcare program, as example nursing medicine, or physical therapy.

Scholarship Award: Multiple awards $3000 per semester.

Application Requirements: Students wishing to get the scholarship have to fill up the application form completely. Also the essay, US Citizenship proof, all document proving the volunteering activity, an official transcript from the college or high-school and 2 recommendation forms are required. For the first year, students also must be included the acceptance letter for the current study year.

More Info and How to Apply for  Volunteer Scholarship Program.

Junior Volunteer Scholarship: Fairview Southdale Hospital and Fairview Ridges Hospital

Junior Volunteer Scholarship was created to support active young people that regularly volunteer their time, care and talents in Fairview Ridges Hospital or in the Fairview Southdale Hospital. The volunteer abroad scholarship selection happens by kindly checking each application and the interview results to choose more active and best volunteers.

Application Eligibility: Seniors or juniors in high school.

Scholarship Award: Multiple award with varies amount.

Application Requirements:Student has to have at least 150 hours of volunteering experience and 100 from those hours have to be earned during the current year. Also, it’s required to be currently active in volunteering programs in Fairview Southdale Hospital or Fairview Ridges Hospital.

More Info and How to Apply for  Junior Volunteer Scholarship.

The Don & Jean Sloan Scholarship Fund: Youth Volunteer Crops

Youth Volunteer Crops is a network of many different affiliated organizations in USA and Canada that give opportunities to flexible service-learning for young people aging from 11 up to 18 years old. The Don & Jean Sloan Scholarship Fund was created to reward and encourage young people who developed their community through their volunteering help.

Application Eligibility: Seniors in high school or first-year student in college.

Scholarship Award: The multiple awards up to $3000.

Application Requirements: Volunteering at least 100 hours during last two years with any YVC volunteering program. The person should prove his plans to continue volunteering after the school. The demonstration and proof of leadership and a good personality are required to join the volunteer abroad scholarship programs.

More Info and How to Apply for  The Don & Jean Sloan Scholarship Fund.

Youth Volunteer Scholarship Awards: The Department for Communities and Social Inclusion (South Australia)

The Department for Communities and Social Inclusion founded the Youth Volunteer Scholarship for young people who are able to volunteer their talents and time to help other people. This volunteer abroad scholarship is the award for those who are currently active in volunteering activity or has volunteered abroad before.  

Application Eligibility: Young South Australians 25 years old and younger.

Scholarship Award: The $500 scholarship will be given to the chosen person.

Application Requirements: To be permanent South Australia’s resident is must to apply for the project. It’s required to complete an application form with a demonstration of volunteering interests.  The applicant has to provide the supporting letter the Chef or President of his volunteer association or club.

More Info and How to Apply for  Youth Volunteer Scholarship Awards.

The Learning Abroad Center’s Affiliated Programs Grant: University of Minnesota

This grant was founded by the University of Minnesota with the aim to assist students in facilitating the financial subject of volunteering abroad. The grant isn't need-based or merit-based, and the offered awards through the university’s scholarships and grants to volunteer abroad are granted only according to the strength of the essay. Volunteer Affiliate Programs are global volunteers, child family health international, world endeavors, and global citizens’ network. 

Application Eligibility:  Any student that currently has undergraduate status in the University of Minnesota on the Twin Cities or Rochester campuses.

Scholarship Award:  The multiple $300 awards will be paid to the winner students.

Application Requirements: The applicant must be enrolled as degree-seeking undergraduate participating in an affiliated volunteer/internship program during spring break, winter break, or summer, plus the following essay:

  • 350 words maximum essay answering the question “What motivated you to select your particular volunteer abroad program?”
  • Also, 200 words maximum essay answering the question “Based on your financial need, why is it important that you receive this particular scholarship to support your experience?”

Important to note that the application will be evaluated based on the strength of the essay in such terms as grammar, punctuation, and organization.

Are You Planning for Volunteer Abroad?
Looking for a safe and extremely affordable volunteering abroad opportunity?
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IVHQ Booster Grants: International Volunteer HQ

Photo Credit:

IVHQ is a popular volunteering company that was established in 2007 which offers amazing scholarships and grants for volunteering abroad and is focused on providing affordable, safe, high-quality, and responsible volunteer experience to its users. IVHQ is accepting all projects which need a sustainable boost in order to win their grants to volunteer abroad. The grant is mainly focused on supporting existing projects to address community issues, such as education, healthcare, economic development and conservation.  All payments are made to IVHQ’s partner organization in the country in which the winning projects are located, to ensure the money is invested in the proposed initiatives.

Application Eligibility: All previous or current IVHQ volunteers.

Scholarship Award: One proposal will receive the award, every three months, up to $3000 from the IVHQ Fund, based on the costs involved in the particular proposal.

Application Requirements: Online application and the proposal must be approved by IVHQ’s partner organization in the relevant country to confirm the feasibility of the proposals. The volunteer is allowed to send only one proposal submission per month. The grant award can’t be allocated towards paying salaries or operating costs of projects.

More Info and How to Apply for IVHQ Booster Grants.

Greenheart Service Grants: Greenheart Travel

Anyone who traveled on any Greenheart Travel program will be automatically eligible to be a member of the Greenheart Club and will be eligible for winning their grants by logging their volunteer hours in the Greenheart Club and applying for the grant before returning home. This volunteer abroad grant is a great opportunity to create, improve, or maintain any of community-focused project abroad or even at home.

Application Eligibility: Current participants in any Greenheart Travel Program, and Greenheart Club members.

Scholarship Award: The amount of the award varies as follows:

  • Eight volunteering hours will give eligibility for a letter of recommendation, plus a certificate of program completion.
  • Twenty-five volunteering hours will give eligibility for up to $250 award for a service project.
  • Fifty volunteering hours will give eligibility for up to $500 award for a service project.
  • One hundred volunteering hours will give eligibility for up to $1000 award for a service project.

Application Requirements: Online application, plus the following conditions:

  • The community should be the catalyst for the project.
  • The project provided should have a clear plan to maintain itself after.
  • Also, it must benefit the community as a whole and not only one individual.
  • The community members must participate in all project stages from the planning through implementation and/or maintenance.

More Info and How to Apply for Greenheart Service Grants.

CISaustralia Go Again Grant: CISaustralia

Photo Credit:

CISaustralia is study, intern, and volunteering abroad organization. The have a big choice of different grants and scholarships to volunteer abroad. CISaustralia Go Again grant is one of the best grants to volunteer abroad and is a great opportunity for the volunteering abroad fundraising for those who already has had any experience working with this organization. This grant can’t be used as additional with any other grant or scholarship provided by CISaustralia.

Other Scholarships: Other volunteering abroad scholarships provided by CISaustralia:

  • CISaustralia Travel Blogger Scholarship.
  • CISaustralia Travel Photo Journalist Scholarship.
  • CISaustralia Travel Video Journalist Scholarship.
  • CISaustralia Bring a Friend Grant.

Application Eligibility: Anyone with volunteering, intern or study abroad experience that was organized by the CISaustralia.

Scholarship Award: Multiple $300 awards.

Application Requirements: The applicant is required to complete the application on the website. After application, it may be required additional documentation.

More Info and How to Apply for CISaustralia Go Again Grant.

Young Explorers Grant: National Geographic

Photo Credit:

Young Explorers Grant was created to help for volunteering throughout scholarships and grants to volunteer abroad, or to do any other community services. Important to note that this grant is supported by such famous organizations like Committee for Research and Exploration, National Geographic, the Conservation Trust and the Expeditions Council.

Application Eligibility: The applicant has no age or nationality limitations, it can be anyone, but with research or conservation volunteering abroad experience applicants will be in the prior.

Scholarship Award: The amount is varied between $2000 and $5000.

Application Requirements: With the application form the applicant will be asked to submit the curriculum vitae (CV).

More Info and How to Apply for Young Explor ers Grant.


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