Ignou Bed Assignment 331 Club


331 13th Ave NE
Minneapolis, MN55413
(612) 331-1746

One of my favorite low key dive-ish bars in the northeast. It's not a full dive; there's a hint of hipster trying to by divey. They've got one of the best happy hour deals in town 2 beers for $5. You pay $5 and they give you a token so your next beer is free. This place has parking; super plus. This bar also has outdoor seating! Not greatest view, but big enough to fit a good chuck of people. This place is very unassuming. The bartenders are nice, just as long as you know what you want right away and say "please" if you need pickle juice with your whiskey. The food is definitely nothing to rave about, but the prices are reasonable and let's just be honest, it's great to eat something with substance when your drunk.

Yep. It is a bit of a dive bar, but they have an adventurous selections of taps (local sour beer!!!) and access to some yummy food. I had a quesadilla, the bf had a cheeseburger, and we were both impressed. We met a friend for the Friday Night trivia. It was a lot of fun. And the place was packed! Small complaint, it was VERY loud. The bf said he thought the place was better suited to a crowd younger than us (mid-30s) but I gotta say I saw a LOT of gray hair. I'll go back... heck, I end up there a couple times a year... but the bf would rather not try it again. To each their own!

I'm relatively new to Minneapolis and had a bucket lsit of things to do right off the bat when moving here. I started exploring the NE area and fell in love with all it had to offer, and then I heard about 331 Club and the Drunk Spelling Bee. I talked some friends into joining me and we bought tickets in advance online. The night of we got there around 6, I'm glad we did it's much smaller than I anticipated and when we got there only one booth was left so we grabbed it. Our tickets came with a free drink which is a big bonus and the bar tenders handled the crowd well and I never waited extraordinarily long for service. Every round you succeeded also came with a free beer so I only paid for 1 drink the entire nice, pretty great in my opinion. My friend ordered food, pretty standard menu I believe she got the burger which was okay but nothing great which was as expected. A fun spot for a spontaneous night in NE, strongly recommend stopping in or doing the Spelling Bee

This place is so tiny! I was here for the tipsy talent show and it was interesting. It's a long rectangular shaped bar with seating along the side. They had pretty good on tap options and folks were certainly friendly. The talent show was quite underwhelming, but I guess that's what you get when 'tipsy' is in the title. I might go back again to see what it's like on a non event night.

Do not come here if you expect to be waited on or served. No matter who the act is or the crowd size they have only one person working behind the bar that can't possibly wait on everyone. This mostly hurts the musicians because it drives away customers who are coming for the music. Like me. I'm outta here!

I'll never be back. I don't care how trendy or cool or cheap this place is. Hiring staff who assault drunk girls and then laugh about it is never okay. The behavior of the bouncers here is sickening and unsafe. I also noted when reading the reviews here that the negative ones are hidden. Good trick.

gooddddd!!!!!those hipsters are so meannnnnn!!! no way man,,

3.5 This bar is what you expect a shitty northeast dive bar to be. I'm using the term shitty in an endearing type of way. I come here for happy hour sometimes or if I know a band that's playing, but otherwise there are better options in NE. They have live music every day of the week and I don't think there is ever a cover. Great happy hour, you'll never catch me complaining about 2 pints of Surly furious for $5. If it's not HH, a Bell's Hopslam always does the trick. I can't give it four stars because the staff is a little rude, they obviously cater to the locals first, and the food is blah. Definitely go somewhere else in NE if you're wanting good food. I will be back to the 331, but not with super high expectations.

Fave place in Minneapolis to see consistently good free (no cover) music. Decent beer selection that is reasonably priced. Food menu is a little limited, but it's not really their thing. It's just a good neighborhood hang with great music every night of the week. Plus, an amazing happy hour!

I still hate this bar and I don't even go into it anymore... I just am lucky enough to live near it... stay obnoxious and loud at 2am hipsters! You know I love it... I pray everyday that this place closes...

Shades of Late 80's Vibes Permeate throughout this scene. Depending on when you go the experience may be different. Going here on a weekday afternoon during Winter will give you a nestled in Feel while you choose from the Craft Beer Selection and listen to Hipster Laiden Musical Albums in the Darkness of the 331. (No Windows) On a weekend night or late saturday afternoon, you will walk into a vibrant atmosphere with numerous people drinking and mingling in Northeast Fashion. A staple of NE.

I've never seen so many tall PBR cans in my life and I used to live in Milwaukee. But, it was NE so I guess I shouldn't be all that surprised. Dropped in for NYE and to see what was crack a lackin at the 90's party. Clad in our tackiest 90's gear; vests, overalls, swatch and a replica pager we barely made it through the door. By the time we got there it was at maximum capacity, but the doorman told us to hang on and were soon herded in to party like it was still 1999 with the other revelers. The place was busting at the seams. Some dressed up, some didn't. At times it was a little hard to tell if people were actually dressed 90's or dressing 90's because it was "cool" and they always dressed the part. I thought there would be an actual DJ spinning, but it was done via laptop. Wu- Tang and Hanson in the same set? Really? It seems like a fairly fun place. No cover a big bonus. Bar area seems nice from what I could tell. No clue on the bathrooms or any other part since it was fully covered with wall to wall people. 331 seems to have a lot of potential and a lot of great ideas. I just wish the space would have been a tad less crowded. Trying to do the running man was virtually impossible since there was absolutely no room only enough for the sea of hispters to raise their tall PBR's Nice blend of people. For as crowded as it was, almost everyone was really nice and respectful with the exception of the high heeled hair hopper who stepped on J's toe and acted like nothing happened. Will defintely go back on another night. This place seems fairly decent.

I used to love this place, and said it was my favorite bar in Minneapolis. I would come here a few times a week years ago, and always met interesting people, and the atmosphere was welcoming and low-key. I hold fond memories of a kid running around in a Spiderman suit, friendly bartenders, drunk trivia hosts, and wonderful patrons from all over the world. Recently, I've ranted and raved about my great experiences here, and dragged a couple of friends with me... that's when everything went downhill. I don't know what happened to this place in the past few years, but even the employees I recognize from before have turned into unbearable staff. The past four times I've been here, I was ignored on a slow night, treated rudely, or witnessed people being shouted at like children for ridiculous reasons (playing with coasters? Really?). This last night was a particularly hard time for me with the disappearance of a good friend, and I wanted to have a beer and relax. Instead, we were hardly greeted with a smile at a place I once praised for being friendly, and witnessed an unprofessional, unnecessary, uncomfortable altercation between the bartender and two customers. To make matters worse, others outside were talking about their poor experiences with the bartender as well. I will not be returning, despite living in the area and having loved this bar. The past four times I've said, "maybe they were just having a bad day," but last night clearly said otherwise. This place has just gone to crap.

Randomly stop in at The 331 Club. I never know who's playing and I've yet to be disappointed!! Great music, beer selection, and crowd! One of my favorite NE Minneapolis bars!! Great cozy venue to see live music!

The 331 Club is great I'm sure for 331 reasons, but there's only one reason why I go. Yes there's trivia, live bands and spelling bees, but none of these compare to Blingo on Tuesday evenings from 7-9 p.m. with Ellie. The drink special of the evening is 2 for 1 Lone Star beers and mojitos. Blingo is the form of bingo you would imagine playing in retirement, but Ellie brings the "bling bling" to blingo with hip hop tunes from the 90s to today, with a few pop tunes for good measure. It's fun and free to play. You play for prizes, such as a salon gift card, shots, food and even a $25 bar tab. And the best part is that the winner of the final blackout round receives a golden chalice. Need I say more?

I suppose I was expecting some food offerings other than frozen pizza. It was a wee bit cramped in there on a Friday evening. I did like that they had decent alcohol selections and specials. For a hole-in-the-wall bar, it serves its purpose. Make sure to arrive early to grab a table if you have a party of 3 or more.

Tremendously bad customer service. I'll spare the long, drawn out details, but I ordered a pizza on Saturday night at 12:10. (The kitchen was supposed to be open until 1, so they should have been more on top of it.) At 12:35, I stepped up to ask about my pizza, but wasn't helped until 12:40, when the barback who was supposed to be making my pizza realized his fatal mistake and, in his words, "burnt the shit out of [my] pizza." The bartender was super annoyed AT ME because I asked for a refund. I said that I wasn't going to wait again and that I just wanted my money back. The bartender asked if I paid with a card (earlier we had a scuffle about my card and I was dressed for a wedding--when I was bartending, I would have remembered a person like this) and eventually gave me cash back. I wouldn't be opposed to visiting the place again were I ever in Minneapolis but their customer service was severely lacking over an overpriced pizza ($11) that comes out of a microwave.

Good variety of music and a great beer list. The hummus and pita is delicious. The bartenders are always busy so the service isn't immediate. But there is a very extensive liquor list so you can always get what you want.

SPELLING BEE! 331 gets it. They are a small dark one room bar with a couple booths, some tables/chairs, one long bar with stools and a stage. This is a perfect spot for an indie rock concert, a quiet date night or a DRINKING SPELLING BEE! It gets a little crowded during the BEE but its worth it. The hosts, Trivia Mafia, are hilarious and razz everybody that gets on stage to spell. It is a classic spelling bee but with beer tickets given to you when you enter and every time you spell a word right. Each round gets harder and harder so study up or don't and go have some educated drinking fun! Ps. They have food here but there are better places to eat around this area in NE so I'd rather not talk about it. Highlights: Drinking Spelling Bee Dark Live Music 331 Club = They do what they want.

2 stars for having free music but still doesn't make up for the worst bartenders in Northeast. I moved from Seattle to Minneapolis to avoid holier-than-thou bartenders.

sundays, 8pm

Sunday Night Trivia | w/ Chuck & Sean

Sean is an accomplished accomplice. He plays bass for Heiruspecs, Dessa and his solo project, Twinkie Jiggles Broken Orchestra. He is the co-founder of Trivia Mafia, the best trivia company in the world. He is the interim host of the Morning Show on 89.3 The Current. If you are attempting to engage him in a conversation bring up salad bars, obscure hip-hop or facts related to the US Interstate System. CoffeeOrder: Light Roast, 2 creams, 9 splendas. Drink: 2 whiskeys on the rocks and keep em coming garçon.

Twitter: @twinkiejiggles

Chuck is the co-founder of Trivia Mafia. He plays bass and saw for the Como Avenue Jug Band (the Heiruspecs of Minnesota jug bands) and in his spare time he organizes the world's largest pub crawl, for which he has a Guinness World Record. He was once the president of a juggling club, a fact that he mentions in every job interview. He is Trivia Mafia's head question writer and editor, which is why we ask so many questions about "Frasier." 
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