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Once again, DO NOT FREAK OUT if your friends have received some biggie ASPIRE mail and you haven’t!

As you’ll know, Aspire is TCS’ s Pre-ILP Engagement Program! You will receive a mail right before you get your ILP  joining date, mentioning the credentials for logging into the Aspire portal. The PAT test that you’ll be appearing for, right after joining (2nd or 3rd day), is based on the topics here. Well, it’s as boring as it sounds!! More than studying, what’s most annoying is that you have to submit subject-wise feedback every week, upload your assignments and take quizzes frequently! I bet your reaction will also be 😡       hehe!! 😀

NOTE:ASPIRE login credentials will already be given in the first page of your joining letter! If you haven’t received the ASPIRE mail even after a week of receiving your Joining Letter or can’t access ASPIRE, write an e-mail to, with the subject line as “ASPIRE- Pre-ILP Engagement E-Mail Not Received”. Also mention your Name, CT Reference Number, ILP Joining Date, ILP Location and Contact Number in the body of the e-mail.


Coming to the serious stuff, if you are not from CSE/IT/IS stream, you’ll have to go through the concepts rigorously. Trust me, it’ll be your advantage! This little homework for a few months will help you grasp a lot more than people who don’t take Aspire seriously!


The stuff you’ll find in Aspire are:

1 ) Know your TCS

2 ) Basics of Programming

3 ) Web Technology (they’ll give PHP, but study JavaScript, Servlet Programming, JDBC and JSP first)

4 ) Communication

5 ) Unix

6 ) Database Concepts ( and SQL)

7 ) JAVA Basics

8 ) Software Engineering


If you are serious about joining TCS, open your books to get a hold of the aforementioned subjects or better, join some JAVA/ DOT NET/C++ course or tuitions and you’ll be ready for ILP in no time! 

You’ll be provided with all the materials…more than you can study 🙄 so don’t worry about them! Just make sure you maintain your record by checking into Aspire regularly, submitting feedback, assignments and taking the quizzes! 🙂

You can also visit and study from TCS’ own learning site at:

Your best friend for learning Web Technology:

Or you’ll get a mail from Aspire, stating that your performance is not up to the standard! 😯





Please download all three documents and see which one suits your requirement, as quizzes can be different!

ASPIRE QUIZZES WITH ANSWERS 2011 (Click to Download!)

ASPIRE QUIZZES AND ANSWERS 2012 (Click to Download!)




  • Fundamentals of Database Management Systems- 3rd Edition (Elmasri-Navathe). Download the book!


UNIX: (The materials given are also useful if you get UNIX stream in ILP) :

  • UNIX ASSIGNMENT (latest assignment is in Aspire quizzes and answers 2012 document above!)
  • Teach Yourself Shell Programming for UNIX in 24 Hours– Download the book! (REQUIRED FOR ILP UNIX STREAM )





  • Learn JSP and Servlets- Download Head First Servlets and JSP (Great for Beginners, especially if you get JAVA stream in ILP. Even better if you can buy the book or get it from a library!)



You just need a basic understanding of the different software life cycles and their steps  to know how projects work! You don’t have to cram and learn everything by heart!



  • JDK- Download it! (Please choose the JDK according to your Operating System. This is required for compiling and running JAVA code.)
  • Eclipse IDE- Download! (You can write and run JAVA programs as well as develop a JAVA-based web application 😉 )
  • Apache Tomcat 7- Download! (Server for deploying the web application)

Please let me know if I missed anything and please mention if any link is not working! 😯



Like this:




Welcome to a preparatory course on English Communication skills for the workplace!We are delighted to offer this online self-learning course that will hone your Englishcommunication skills before you embark on the Initial Learning Program (ILP) of TataConsultancy Services (TCS).This 30-hour self-study course is intended for completion at your own pace within athree- or four-week period. We recommend that you complete the course before the TCS-ILP starts.You are presented a wide variety of specially selected online resources for theoryand practice in the four primary communication skills: listening, speaking, readingand writing. Further, input on professional communication skills, phonetics and pronunciation, vocabulary building, grammar and writing style provides additional value.Do accomplish each of the 30 hour-long units in the prescribed order and watch your confidence in your communication skills grow steadily. Strong communication skillsare the bedrock of a successful career -- make the most of this opportunity for self-enhancement.Tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today!

10 November - 16 NovemberLESSON 1:

Hi! Are you wondering what this part of ASPIRE would bring to you??

I’m sure you are. Well think no further as we are going to take a peep into a worldthat would help us make it big in future..start our own companies, become leadersat various levels, earn as much as we can….mmm….does that sound familiar??

There is no end to the number of certifications or courses that you would do toenhance your technical skills, is there?

But what you probably don’t seem to realize is the importance of the other set of skills that would help you GET there…make it big; the skills we call softskills.

While softskills can never be a replacement for the hard or technical skills, theycomplement the latter.

A technically well qualified person performs more effectively with the right set of softskills.However, my friend, Softskills is not easy to acquire. It is a lot of hard work anddiscipline! For instance, knowing what to say where, when and how, is a measureof your softskills and that ….. doesn’t come easily to all. And that dear friendis what we would be talking about in this part of your programme. To be more precise, we would talk about how we could express ourselves better or rather,communicate effectively.Before we go on, here’s a bit of home work we need to do. (Well, it is hard work!)I would like you to prepare a little article on how important you think softskillsare. You may “google”, read books..but it would be very helpful if you could dosome reference before you actually write.Oh! more thing.. “in your own words please.”

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