How To Turn In Homework On Mymathlab Course

Additional Gradebook Updates

Searching for and emailing students based on specific criteria has been streamlined. “Email Selected” and “Export Selected” buttons are now on the search results page. A pop-up window allows for entry of the email text. Search results can also be accessed from the Gradebook Landing Page, by clicking the bar in the chart that represents the score range of interest, e.g., 40-50%.

Streamlined Searching for and Emailing Students

Filtering of Change Weights: New filtering functionality by assignments and chapters makes selecting individual assignments or chapters easy. A customized version of this page is shown in campus third-party LMS (Blackboard, Canvas, etc.) integrated courses.

Filtering of Change Weights

Roster Editing Update: The menu item for Add/Edit Student ID was removed from the toolbar header and added as an option in the “More Tools” dropdown menu. The new Edit Roster menu has been updated to present Add/Edit and Upload Student IDs with the same treatment on the page, to clearly delineate between students and section instructors, and make edits to section instructor access, (3) as well as select custom settings for section instructors.

Roster Editing Update

Students often need extra support to boost their confidence and maintain focus in their math courses. Workspace Assignments provide step-by-step guidance—when and where students need help the most.

Workspace Assignments allow students to work through an exercise step-by-step, adjusting to the path each student takes and allowing them to show their mathematical reasoning as they progress. Each line is immediately assessed, and students receive feedback exactly when they need help—decreasing the guesswork and frustration they may encounter when solving a difficult problem on their own. Hints, videos, and next steps are available to further walk them through the problem-solving process.

Accessible from desktops, laptops, and mobile devices, students can complete their work wherever they are. When accessed via a mobile device, Workspace exercises use handwriting recognition software that allows students to naturally write out their answers with their fingertip or stylus.

Additionally, all of this data is captured in the MyLab Math gradebook—including each line of students' work, and any hints or next steps they requested. Instructors can easily identify exactly where students are struggling to spend class time teaching more effectively.

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